In August 2015, the arts organisation (it’s All) Tropical will turn one year old. It’s been an incredible and challenging 12 months and we’ve had a blast. We realise that we couldn’t have done this without the support of the wonderful artists who have participated, the arts organisations who have been kind enough to give us a home and the magnificent viewers, who made every exhibition worthwhile. So to celebrate you and your greatness, for our 1st Birthday, we will be hosting a TREAT YO SELF evening.

A feast for the eyes, stomach and soul, TREAT YO SELF will be all about you, only you. Your pleasure, your enjoyment, your satisfaction. Inhibitions to be left at the door, we will be asking artists to create the ultimate luxury and hedonistic interactive artworks. Pieces designed with your pleasure and indulgence in mind. We want to treat you like the Prince/Princess that you are. 

Over July 2015 we have been searching the breadth of the land to find the most decadent and pleasurable of artwork to tantalise and arouse your self-indulgent side. These artists have proposed sensory environments, edible paintings, sculptural massages, foot rubs, nail painting, face painting, cuddles, tattoos, mini break’s, piñata’s, limbo’s, fruit sculptures, kebabs and of course human canapés. 

We are so happy to announce the list of artists that will be helping us to celebrate our first birthday in the gallery and courtyard of Bloc projects, Sheffield. These are:

Beau Rouse
Caitlin Merett King, Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger
David McLeavy
Ella Cronk
Ellie Barrett
Milly Peck
Emily Tilzey
Flat time House
Florent Dubois
Freya Fullarton
Greg Herbert and Emma Curd
Hamish Chapman
Harlan Whittingham
Jack Cheetham
Jacob Watmore
James Schofield
Karl Sims
Lucy Vann
Luke Nairn
Margaux Foucret
Matilda Moors and Lucia Quevedo
McGilvary White
Mimi Winsor
Paloma Proudfoot and Aniela Piasecka
Phoebe Baines
Rosa Nussbaum
Rosie Vohra
Sarah Roberts
Simon Raven
Vicky Hayward