Forever Say Forever Always 

Bristol Diving School
Das Balloon
(It’s All) Tropical

a sound
a painting
a piece of fabric
a wig
a photograph
a light
a reflective object/surface
a stolen object
a moving/image object
a pot of paint
a wild card
a piece of packaging
a method of display
a piece of wood
Sexy/pimped out connectors (screws, something sticky/adhesive etc)
a handmade mask
a drawing/maquette/image of what you think the result of this collaborative effort will look like when finished (these will be revealed once the piece is complete)
a flag (each collective makes a flag.)
a j.peg & multiple copies of the j.peg for viewers to take. (Cds, usb)
a user comment from the Internet (YouTube comment, tweet)
a statement

Four artist led collaboratives from across the UK will be residing at Gage Gallery, Sheffield, for a three day experimental fabrication workshop.  Since 2014, Bristol Diving School, Das Balloon, (It’s All) Tropical and Precious have been sculpting together a list of disparate and everyday materials to be supplied by each member of each collaborative in the aim to make up a combined typography of the four groups. This list includes sounds, flags, paintings, stolen artworks, drinks and (of course) wigs. Over a 3 day install from the 23rd to 25th April, the four groups will be working together as one collaborative, utilising these materials to create an installation that delves into a melting pot of inspirations, aesthetics and sensibilities. 

Please join us on 25th April at 6pm for a closing party of unknown but definitely fabulous origin.   

Gage Gallery, Lion Works, 40 Ball St, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S3 8DB, UK