(it's all) Tropical
seek like-minded creative
types for labour of love

Creative partnerships can provide inspiration, experimentation, and must needed respite from long hours spent pondering, slaving and honing work in a cold, damp studio with a ready meal for one. So for new exhibition Blind Date, opening at The Royal Standard this February, (it’s all) Tropical are embarking on a quest to find their dream dates. And we think that might be you.

Select your match from Alfie Strong, Lindsey Mendick and Josef Zachary Shanley Jackson and submit a seductive explanation of why you are made for one another, along with no more than 5 images of your work. Curator Rachel Cunningham Clark will be playing Cilla, and pairing up the lucky couples for a 6 week collaborative process. Because love is blind, work will be developed through email and maybe some drunk texts, but the exchange of images is strictly off limits. Because love don't cost a thing, participants will have their material costs and travel expenses reimbursed.

Each collaborative duo will first set eyes on their final creation at the Blind Date BIG REVEAL opening this February. Anything could happen, but one thing is certain, IT'LL BE A LORRA LORRA LAFFS.

Applications should be received by 10th January 2016. Please include 'Blind Date' in the subject heading and send to contactitsalltropical@gmail.com.

Alfie Strong
'I like duvet days, walks on the beach, going to the pictures with friends, Cradle of Filth and prescription drugs'

Lindsey Mendick
'Beyoncé, Clay, diamanté, display lamé, Kanye, my birthday, Faberge, paper mâché, foreplay and buffet'

Josef Zachary Shanley Jackson
'I'm worried that no one is going to pick me because I'm not as cool as Linds or Alfie'