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The artist group (It’s All) Tropical marks their first London exhibition with Best in Show, a one night event taking place at SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY, a new transitional gallery space run by the artist group Das Balloon. 

On June 20th 2015 from 6pm, invited artists will be competing against each other in the same manner of the seminal dog show, Crufts. Each artist/group will have a floor space of a square metre on which to present a sculpture (or object, monitor etc.) and a plinth for it to stand on. On the night there will be a panel of judges who will award points for categories such as concept, execution and dynamism. 

Not only will this provide a catalyst for conversation about how emerging art is judged and valued, it will also be very, very fun. The artist with the most points on the evening will be awarded the same amount of prize money that is awarded to Best in Show at Crufts, £100. They will also be presented with the coveted ‘Best in Show’ trophy.


Our Judges are:

Kelly Large 
Artist and Curator of the public programme at the Zabludowicz Collection. 

Kate Neave 
Independent art writer and curator. Editor of the Converse x Dazed Emerging Artists Award 2015 and Resident Curator at Florence Trust.

Joe Fletcher Orr 
Artist and Director of CACTUS Gallery, Liverpool 

Leah Capaldi 
Artist represented by Vitrine Gallery, Acme Studios Live/Work Resident Artist and Lecturer at University of Brighton


Exhibiting artists:

Agnes Calf 
Alfie Strong
Calum Crawford
Claudia Dance Wells and Ella Cronk
Das Balloon
Dominic Watson
Graeme Durant 
Holly Hendry
James Harper
Jemma Egan
Josef Zachary Shanley Jackson
Josh Whitaker
Lindsey Mendick
Luke Twigger
Megan Broadmeadow
Rebecca Gould
Suzanne Posthumus

SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY, 55 Southwark Street, Southwark, London, SE1 1RU