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(its all) TROPICAL presents £1 FISH a pop-up exhibition to be held on 12th December at S1 Artspace, Sheffield. The premise for the exhibition derives from the famous quote by William Morris ‘What business have we with art at all unless all can share it?’.  We want to create a platform where art is accessible to all and inexpensive to purchase.

For £1 Fish, we are asking artists to make a work with the production value of £1 and with an artist fee of £1. The work will be ‘Art for the People’ in its purest form. Due to the restraints on production costs and the restraints on the tools that the artist is able to use, we hope to encourage the artist to think outside of their everyday practice and allow them to play with lesser used materials in an unrestrained  manner.

At the end of the exhibition, there will be an auction, where well-known artists work will be auctioned anonymously alongside lesser known artists work to encourage a sense of autonomy from the usual gallery/artist relationship.

We invite you to join us on 12th December 2014 at 7.00pm for the opening of the exhibition, followed by the auction.



Josef Jackson

Harry Meadley

Caerwyn Clement

Doug Bowen

Candice Jacobs

Rebecca Ounstead

Emily Musgrave

Holly Hendry

Charlie Godet Thomas

Mimi Winsor

Liv Fontaine

Alice Theobald

Soraya Fatha

Lucy Vann

Chloe Jayne Herbert

Jake Kent

Vicky Hayward

Hannah Shaw

Del Hardin Hoyle

Sara Pinfold

Frances Disley

Kevin Hunt

Simon and Tom Bloor

Dominic Watson

Rachel Adams

Thom Isom

Joe Fletcher Orr

Oliver Tirre

Mathew Parkin

Calum Crawford

Tavienne L.H Bridgwater

Philip Coyne

Adam Townend

Alfie Strong

Matthew Merrick

Anna McQuillin

Charlotte Morgan

Lindsey Mendick